Diversity and Trends in CGI, Lighting Design & Photography – Movidiam Interview

Alastair Dixon: diversity and trends in CGI, lighting design & photography CGI and VFX Lighting Supervisor Alastair Dixon  has provided VFX work for almost every format of visual media in a career spanning over 10 years. Idents, music videos, commercials and a feature film from iconic stop-motion studio Aardman, to name but a few. Movidiam […]

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3 Fundamental Ingredients To A Beautiful Image – Viewbug Interview

“ViewBug community member Alastair Dixon is a Visual Effects Lighting Artist & Photographer based in the UK. His passion is capturing beautiful moments and sharing his adventures through images.” Link to the original post on Viewbug HERE What are you trying to capture/say with your photography? I’m nearly always trying to capture the emotion that I feel prior to […]

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#WEXMONDAYS Get The shot – “Magnificent Gran Canaria” – Photography Tips

#WEXMONDAYS Get The shot – “Magnificent Gran Canaria” This is a brief write up for my “Magnificent Gran Canaria” shot that was entered into the #WexMondays Twitter competition last week (WEEK 24). For me, its all about the light. With that in mind my priority with pretty much any landscape shot is to make sure I am in the right […]

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