Cinematography / Photography

A recent vacation to Bali presented me with the opportunity to test out Magic Lanterns fairly new RAW Video functionality; in the field.

Whilst in the UK prepping for the trip, I had some data write speed issues, where the RAW video was filling up the CF Cards memory buffer too quickly, this resulted in the recording stopping… So as you can imagine I was a little worried about this happening when in Bali. It is advised by Magic Lantern that you warm the card up for 20 seconds by recording filler material before actually filming what you would like to. This isn’t really practical, Luckily it is nice and warm in Bali so I had continuous recording throughout the trip. Perfect! 🙂

The one thing that I wish I had was some sort of stabiliser for my 5D2, or even a lens with IS to help smooth out the inevitable jerkiness from handheld recording.. I was able to smooth out some shots very successfully in After Effects but, its never as good as stabilising in camera.

Overall I was astonished how clean the uncompressed RAW footage was, and being able to grade this video, as you would a photo was so much fun! If you’re willing to put up with the longer post process, and have the disk storage I would really recommend shooting this way. You won’t look back, I promise! 🙂

If you have any questions about the process of shooting in ML RAW and the post production stage, I’d love to help you out. Ask away in the comment section below…

Edited in: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Graded in: Adobe Lightroom

Camera: Canon 5d Mark II _ ML RAW
Lens: 17-40mm f4
CF Card: Transcend 32GB 1000x

Music by Keith Kenniff – “Acres All Above”