Coby & Champers - Expressing Themselves


Coby & Champers – Expressing Themselves

I shot this video today on my new Canon 5D MarkII. It’s the first opportunity Ive had to really have a proper play with its excellent video function. And so far im extremely pleased with it.
There wasnt all that much light available in the house so I opened up all the shutters and doors and used my reflector to bounce in some fill light. The 5D2 coped very well in the low light, and im very pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy our cats playfulness as much as we do!

What a perfect way to spend my afternoon; At home with my wife, beautiful Siamese cats(Coby and Champers) and all my photography/videography kit to play with.

Video Soundtrack: “Express Yourself” by “Labrinth”